In-depth Analytics into Voice of the Customer

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Voice of the Customer analysis

In today's competitive online environment a successful company must listen, understand and then react quickly to their customer's feedback. To get an advantage over their competitors they must be able to predict from their existing feedback data the future expectations, preferences and concerns of their existing and yet to be acquired customers.


Make smarter business decisions with Vox Analytics.

Voxlytics turns vast amounts of unstructured text into high quality data from which key enterprise decisions can be made and provides strategic insights in near real time using a graphical dashboard. Word clouds and other advanced graphics are used to make sense of the vast amounts of unstructured text whilst still allowing access to the core data by 'drilling down'.

Voxlytics does this by applying advanced statistical modelling of text drawn in from transcribed audio of customer feedback, SMS, emails, tweets, social media, surveys etc.

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Use VoxLytics inbuilt IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to provide surveys and feedback from one place. Create custom surveys and have that data analysed in real time.

Voice Transcription

Using the powerful inbuilt VoxNeural voice to text system to convert audio received from any source into text.

Social Media

Get trends from your social media platforms and analyse your voice of the customer via social media.

Trend Analysis

Track how your customer feedback changes over time and where you can find improvements.

Word & Phrase Clouds

Visually descriptive information about customer feedback using the latest clouds for words and phrases.

Import Data

You can import data directly into VoxLytics from a spreadsheet which can then be analysed immediately.

Sentiment Analysis

Tell instantly if customer is happy or sad based on what they have said.

Easy to use

Create dynamic reports to show your organisation customer feedback from a simple to use dashboard.


We have spent over 10 years building a vast database of audio files which we continually add to, allowing for increasingly accurate transcription. This means we have a highly resilient distributed network running on the latest hardware that allows us to deliver our service to corporates and blue chips around the world. Our systems are continually learning new phonetics, words and accents from the audio files.

How it Works

We assign you a phone number which diverts the support calls to us. The customer then leaves a message, which is transcribed by our systems. This data is collected and you can start to create reports from the customer feedback.

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